5 Lessons From 50 Podcast Episodes

by Louise Blakely in Podcast
July 3, 2023 0 comments

Episode 50 of the Online Course Creator Show

I can't believe I've recorded and published 50 podcast episodes. It's been a wild ride!

Nothing could have prepared me for the journey this has been, and I'm only just getting started.

I thought I'd record this to share with you the ups and downs of this adventure so far, but also my biggest learnings (in the hope they will help you with any new project).

In this episode, I share: 

  • The real and raw behind-the-scenes of the first 50 episodes of this podcast
  • My journey from being inconsistent AF back to consistency and the part this podcast has played
  • The impact that changing the name of this podcast has had and if it was worth it

I hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes and share my learnings with me.

Enjoy the episode and here's to 50 more!

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Enjoy the episode!
Lou xx

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