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I was booked out, busy and on my way to burn out fast. It was at this point that I realised that I’d left my 9-5 in search of freedom, only to end up with multiple bosses and no spare time.

Where was the freedom?

Sure, I was helping people and that was important to me (it still is).

But should I not be also living the good life that I saw others experiencing?

Can you relate?

When I hit this point, I decided it had to change. I realised I didn’t want 5 different bosses, who expected me to drop and run whenever they rang or emailed me #nothanks. I was on the fast track to burnout, and felt unfulfilled and frustrated.

So I hired a coach and together we hatched a plan to turn some of my knowledge into an online course. I made $8k in my first launch, and then continued launching it over a few years and made an extra $100k from it.

I also was able to scale down the service-based side of my business. This gave me the time to recover from my burnout and move countries, all while still making money!

I teach fed-up freelancers how to create and launch digital products.

After retiring that first initial course (because, alignment) I’m focused on helping you also create, launch and scale online courses through private coaching and online trainings on the topic.

If you’re a booked out, busy and burnt out freelancer who wants a lot more freedom built into your business and life, let’s work together. 

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louise blakely

Hi, I’m Louise! 

I’m Louise Blakely, a manifesting generator who’s multi-passionate and loves to help others succeed.

I love working with people who are determined that they can do their part to change the world. And I give you the tools to do that at scale!

Passionate about digital products, sales funnels and launching, I love to help people like you reach new heights in a way that totally suits you. As a freedom seeker myself, I understand that you don’t want to do things by the book!

I’ve got two degrees, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (both in Marketing). I’ve been working in marketing for nearly 15 years, and specifically in the online marketing space since 2013. I’ve worked with startups who have scaled and sold for multi-millions, and smaller businesses that are passion projects turned into highly-profitable and purposeful businesses.

Out of work, I’m a mother to a teen boy and two older step-sons. I try my best to be consistent with exercise but let’s be real, it’s a constant work in progress. Let’s say I love it after it’s done! My favourite place is the outdoors, I’m a water baby and travel is in my blood. I’m a personal development junkie and am fascinated about how this integrates with growing a successful business.

I’m here to help you create your dream life through business, one that is filled with freedom…and I’m on that mission for myself also.

Because we all deserve and are worthy of our wildest dreams!

Now for the nerdy stuff

My programs are backed by years of experience in the trenches, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ad spend, multi-millions in earnings and formal qualifications and learning from the some of the best marketers in the world. I’m also a qualified life coach to integrate the mindset and embodiment to help you reach your dreams.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Double Major in Marketing & Tourism)
  • Postgraduate Diploma In Commerce (Marketing Management) with Distinction
  • Corporate experience working for an international exporting company, selling billions of dollars worth of product every year into the UK and European markets.
  • Digital Marketing Manager for a technology startup that recently sold for $140 million!
  • I’ve been working with small businesses online since 2013, creating digital products, building sales funnels, running ads and helping them make money on the internet.
  • Qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

louise blakely

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