Episode 16: Creating an Aligned Launch Strategy

by Louise Blakely in Podcast
June 15, 2022 0 comments

Welcome to episode 16 of The Lou Blakely Show.

Having a launch strategy is key, but it's also important that you have a launch strategy that feels in alignment for you.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What it means to have a strategy that is aligned
  • What common launching advice I absolutely do not agree with, and why it's not aligned for me
  • The 7 things you must include in your launch strategy if you want to get results
  • How you can then make those 7 things work for you

Links/resources mentioned in this episode:

Read the blog post on launch debriefs

VIP Launch Intensive
Come and join me for a VIP Launch Intensive, where we dive deep into your goals, vision and desires, and you walk away with a unique launch strategy crafted specifically for you.

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Louise xx

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