Episode 15: The Secret to Finding Alignment and Flow

by Louise Blakely in Podcast
June 8, 2022 0 comments
The Secret to Finding Alignment and Flow - Louise Blakely

Welcome to episode 15 of The Lou Blakely Show.

In this episode, I'm sharing with you the secret that will get you back into a place of alignment and flow with your online products and launches.

It's so easy to believe that we need to choose something outside of ourselves, to learn the how from the experts in order to succeed in this space.

But what can happen when we do that is completely lose our way, the reasons why we're doing it, and sometimes all enjoyment of the process!

So in this episode, I share with you the number one secret that is going to help you get back on track in a way that works for you, created by you, for you.

I cover:

  • How we're all so conditioned in online marketing to follow expert advice and disregard what we actually want
  • The way you can combine the two for long lasting success
  • What the Law of Action has to do with finding alignment and flow

Links/resources mentioned in this episode:

VIP Launch Intensive
Come and join me for a VIP Launch Intensive, where we dive deep into your goals, vision and desires, and you walk away with a unique launch strategy crafted specifically for you.

Digital Product Podcast Series
If you missed the 5 part series on digital products, you can find all episodes in one place here.

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Louise xx

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