clarity session

A one-off 90 minute call to get you out of rough seas and sailing towards calmer waters. Bring your biggest biz problem and let’s overcome it in this session.


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What is it:

The Clarity Session is for you if you’ve got one micro problem that you need to move past, you want to pick my brain or you want my insight into a particular area of your business.

Good reasons to book in a clarity session:

  • You want the eyes of a FB Ads pro on the backend of your Facebook Ads Manager for some advice.
  • Your funnel isn’t converting and you want some insight into why not, and what you should do next.
  • You just did a launch and you’d like to do a launch debrief together so you know what to do next.

+ more. If you’re a digital course creator, you’re actively creating and launching or need more traffic, I can help with this quick clarity session.


90 minutes on Zoom

Who this is for? 

You, if you want some:

quick insight, problem-solving and brainstorming for your upcoming or recent launch…

eyes on your funnel woes…

or some behind-the-scenes magic insight on your Facebook Ads campaign. 

This session is to solve a micro problem, not your entire strategy.

Who it’s not for: 

This clarity session is not for you if you need to set up your business model, create or launch a product and need to learn how, or set up an entire launch strategy. It’s for ONE micro problem. If you want more support, I suggest you take a look at some of my longer coaching packages.

What’s included: 

  • Pre-session questionnaire so you can tell me where you’re currently at.
  • 1 x 90 minute coaching session. 

What’s not included: 

  • Any long term support, coaching or accountability.

Your Investment:



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Some words about working with Louise:

Louise helped us create online courses that sell. Louise was instrumental with this, and we would have never done that without Louise’s expertise.

Amanda Foo-Ryland, Your Life Live It

I have come so far, my business has developed immensely with Louise’s guidance.
My biggest win is creating a course with all the many steps involved and bringing it to fruition – Louise’s patience, guidance and experience was exactly what I needed.

Kelly Smith, No More Wine O'Clock

Everything that Louise taught us through the process, all of the coaching calls that we had, all of the self-belief that she assisted us with, saw us go into a soft launch of this product and totally blitz any targets that we had. It was absolutely phenomenal.

Carla McNeil, Learning Matters