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by Louise Blakely in Content Marketing
May 1, 2019 1 comment
create content fast

Ah, content, content, content.

We all know we need it. Creating consistent content and getting it in front of your existing audience does wonders for a business. It gives you a reason for reaching out, a reason to get in front of your audience, and builds up your level of expertise – all in one.

But it’s so damn easy to put it on the backburner.

It’s time consuming, sometimes feels a bit hard and it’s not going to increase your bank account today. So it can often be an easy choice to bump it off today’s to-do list when things get a bit overwhelming.

And for those of you who don’t consider yourselves good writers or creatives, it can be even tougher. The procrastination can reach an all time high when it comes to creating content.

If this is you, constantly bumping that content creation onto tomorrow’s to-do list, and struggling to come up with content ideas for your social media and blog content, read on to find out the simple solution.

The secret to content creation is…

The secret to content creation is batching!

The word batching has traditionally been used in computer processing, accounting and baking. It literally means doing large amounts of something in one go.

It’s no different with batching your content. It’s a simple concept where you get all of your content created in one go.

It doesn’t matter what kind of content it is. You can use this method with social media posts, videos, podcasts (if you have one), and blog posts.

You set aside a full day if you can, or perhaps it’s spread out over a week with a couple of hours every day set aside for content. I do recommend doing as big of a chunk a time as possible though. Simply because it takes so long to settle into a new task and really focus. The more we chop and change over the course of the day, the less productive we become.

Regardless of how much time you have up your sleeve, the idea is to get as much done as possible within that time.

Once you’ve actually created the content, you then schedule it out using a tool of your choice and you can pop your feet up and congratulate yourself on a job well done 💥

Not only have you nailed your content goals but you also free up your time in the weeks/months afterwards to work on other projects.

Momentum – here we come!

content batching

Why it’s so effective

Multi-tasking is a huge problem for many an online business owner! There’s already so much to do with all the different platforms we SHOULD be on, let alone managing your staff, finances, product…the list goes on.

This is the reason why so many business owners put off creating content in the first place. It’s in a big list of to-do’s with a bunch of unrelated stuff, and it’s beyond our bandwidth to give it the time it deserves. And we all know multi-tasking is the enemy if we’re trying to get good work done.

The beauty of batching content is that you set aside a time period to purely focus on content. Whatever that period of time is, you get in the zone once, and you stay there. You’re committed to it.

Suddenly it’s seems less impossible. Once you’ve knocked out two blog posts, it’s easier to tackle a third while you’re on a roll. And then a fourth…

Before you know it, you’ve got four weeks worth of content and suddenly that anxious feeling about having nothing to put out there disappears. For four weeks anyway!

How much should you batch?

If you’re new to batching, you’ve struggled to come up with content in the past, and you know that you’re a procrastinator, I warn against just starting small with one week’s worth of content.

What will happen is you will do one week’s worth, and then not repeat the process again quickly enough to have content for the next period.

I recommend to do at least one month’s worth of content while you’ve got that laser focus. Then repeat the process 2 to 3 weeks later! You do not want to wait until you’ve run out of content before you start your next creation round.

As you get more seasoned on a) the process of batching and b) what is working the best for your audience, and what you should be creating more or less of, you can start to batch for larger periods of time.

From there, the sky is the limit. You could find that you’re comfortable producing content 90 days in advance, or perhaps you’ve realised that you can start creating content for that extra platform now that you’ve mastered the system.

What you can do next

Come and join the free #contentchallenge in my free Facebook community, the Hooked On Marketing Collective. During this challenge, we will work towards the collective goal of getting as much content created as possible, me included!

I will give you pointers along the way on how to get the work done however the main focus is accountability and doing what you say you’re gonna do 😉

It’s kicking off on Monday 6th and goes for 5 days. The goal is to have fun first and foremost, and create as much content as you can in 5 days!

Join the group here!

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  1. Irina says:

    That’s a great advice, Louise! Simple, but effective. Thank you for sharing!

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