A 6-week private mentoring container for course creators who are ready to scale up and go big with their launches or evergreen funnel

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What is it:

The Facebook Ads Accelerator is an intensive 6 week process where I coach and mentor you on setting up and running your Facebook Ads for success. It’s specifically for businesses who want to use Facebook Ads to promote digital products like an online course or membership. 

For newbies to Facebook Ads, you will walk away with the skills to run your own ads so that you can sell out your digital product launches.

For those who are already using Facebook Ads, you will learn how to understand the data and how to improve on your ads. You will walk away with strategies to keep on scaling up!

This is not a bunch of online classes, on our calls we will be IN your Facebook Ads Manager setting ads up. You will need to come to each call prepared.


6 weeks

Who this is for? 

The Facebook Ads Accelerator is for course creators who are ready to LEVEL UP and scale with paid traffic from Facebook. 

You’ve likely launched a few times already and you’ve validated your digital product. You know that your offer converts, you now need to focus on that not-so secret ingredient – traffic!

You understand that you’re not ready for the big agency management fees yet (or want to keep it in house), and having the skill set of Facebook Ads within your business is something that will allow you to grow exponentially.

This will suit you if you’re doing live launches or selling your digital product with an evergreen funnel. We will create the strategy to suit and action it on our calls.

It goes without saying, but if you’re investing in Facebook Ads, you must have a growth mindset, a long term vision and you must be hungry for your business to grow!

Who it’s not for: 

The Facebook Ads Accelerator is not for you if you really dislike tech – you need to be a bit handy on the devices for this one. We do go as slow as you need, however total tech-phobia is just not a fit.

It’s also not for you if you’re just starting your digital product journey….you are better off focusing on creating and launching your digital product first. Check out my VIP Intensive Launch Strategy or my private coaching options if this is you.


The Facebook Ads Accelerator has a few qualifying factors that you must have.

  • You will need  to have a Facebook Ads budget of minimum $20/day but preferably $50/day plus. 
  • You must have a digital product and related messaging that converts.
  • You need to have all the steps of the funnel in place such as lead magnets, mini-courses etc. 

What’s included: 

  • Pre-session questionnaire to dive deep into your current situation and future goals.
  • 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions. You will leave each one with a solid plan for the week ahead. Then on the next call, we will dive into your data and next steps. 
  • You are able to bring along one other team member to our calls – I’m happy to coach your team member alongside you and totally recommend it.

What’s not included: 

  • Contact in-between sessions. We can add this in (for a fee).

Your Investment:


(payment plan available on request) 

Not sure if this is for you?

Let’s chat it out. Book a 10 min clarity call here:

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Some words about working with Louise:

Louise helped us create online courses that sell. Louise was instrumental with this, and we would have never done that without Louise’s expertise.

Amanda Foo-Ryland, Your Life Live It

I have come so far, my business has developed immensely with Louise’s guidance.
My biggest win is creating a course with all the many steps involved and bringing it to fruition – Louise’s patience, guidance and experience was exactly what I needed.

Kelly Smith, No More Wine O'Clock

Everything that Louise taught us through the process, all of the coaching calls that we had, all of the self-belief that she assisted us with, saw us go into a soft launch of this product and totally blitz any targets that we had. It was absolutely phenomenal.

Carla McNeil, Learning Matters