Facebook Group Rules

Hi there!

Welcome to the Online Business Collective Facebook group, where we connect over growing and scaling online businesses!

There are certain rules that I’d love for you to follow to be part of this community, so that it’s a friendly place where people can connect with and support each other.

Here are the group rules (in no particular order):

1. Be respectful of others

We welcome opinions here…in fact, you’re welcome to ask for feedback. Just be polite when you don’t agree with someone. We’re all growns up here, and we can think differently and still get along.

2. No self-promotion

This group is a promotion free zone, unless invited (and there will be occasional invitations to share your offers and your content). That means no dropping links unless it’s been approved.

3. Use the group hashtags when sharing

You’re welcome to share your knowledge, wins and ask for feedback in the Online Business Collective (as long as it’s not guised promo). Please use the relevant hashtags when you do:

#ask – self-explanatory! With over 500 people in this group, there’s bound to be someone that can help you out.

#win – Also self-explanatory. I absolutely love to see members winning big and shouting out from the rooftops. In fact, I believe more celebration is going to speed up your business growth. So yell it loud, lady!

#give – If you’d like to drop a knowledge bomb, use this hashtag. That way new members can just type in that hashtag and your posts will show up. Please don’t add a promo to this.

4. No DM’ing other members of the group

Please don’t direct message anyone from this group without their permission. Because it’s annoying and it doesn’t work anyway. Only DM if the person has requested that you do in a thread.

Right, that’s enough of the rules. If you want to grab any of these resources below while you’re here, you’re off to a winning start.


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