6 inspirational entrepreneurs share their favourite marketing strategy

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It’s increasingly hard to decide where you’re going to spend your limited marketing budget and time when it comes to running your own business.

There is always something new to try, and then there are the more tried and true strategies.

Which one are you going to use?

If you're a bit overwhelmed by it all, learn from the path carved by those who have gone before you.

Below six very different, yet very successful online entrepreneurs share their one favourite marketing strategy that has had the biggest impact on their growth.

Christy Laurence

Founder/CEO of Plann, Instagram Planning, Scheduling and Analytics App

“In the early days, my social strategy was never about paid adverts, influencer marketing or how many followers I could get.

It was about ‘being social on social media' and meeting people in a similar situation to me. I didn't know it at the time (I was just a little lonely working at home by myself!), but these real relationships and friendships turned into the most beautiful marketing for my business.

Taking online peers, and now friends, on the behind-the-scenes journey of building an app, I would share my fears, designs, excitement, and ideas.

The time I'd taken to learn about them, their businesses and support what they were doing helped me, as when it came to launching Plann, these beautiful people talked about my product in the most wonderful way – and my business had 1000 paying customers in its first week live – and enough money for me to keep building my tech business for a few more months.

I'm incredibly grateful to them all, and many have remained friends. It truly does take a village!”

Sarah Quinney

The eCommerce Business Coach to leading eCommerce brands!

“As the eCommerce coach, I’ve invested heavily in my brand, and what message my brand communicates to my client base. People think it’s just a logo, but it is much more than that.

Branding is an investment, but you do it for long term success rather than short term gains. But it means that when it comes time to leveraging your brand through Facebook advertising, you can achieve higher conversions at a lower cost, like I have experienced.

I also feel my success as an eCommerce Coach comes down to the fact that I have ran multiple 6 figure stores and am currently running an online store, so my clients know that I am walking the walk right beside them.”

Natalie Tolhopf

The business coach helping you to kick butt and master imperfect action.

“The biggest ONE thing I attribute to my success in business is….CONSISTENCY!

It’s not earth shattering and some might even say IS that even a strategy? Well hell yes it is!

Being consistent requires you to show up imperfectly and not care about what others think. It is one of the fastest credibility builders as it shows confidence. And confidence sells.

When you commit to consistency, it flows into your messaging, your marketing and your sales.

Find something that you are naturally good at in business, be consistent in that. Then start to build from there.”

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Larissa Macleman

Coach to salon owners at Salon Owners Collective

“I think the one thing has been choosing ONE visibility platform, being consistent with it, showing up each and every week without fail.

For me this has been a podcast (Salon Owners Collective podcast). While this content style suits my audience and has expanded my reach beyond just social media, lots has to do with showing up and adding value every week in a way that people follow and count on each week. So they know, for example, that every Wednesday at the gym they can catch the latest episode. 

The consistency builds trust and the podcast builds authority.”

Penny Elliott

Business & Sales Coach

“Facebook ads – without a doubt. I have a love hate relationship with them though. They are like the bad boy you shouldn’t date, but you keeping going back because they are oh-so-good!

Whilst they are tricky to get right, when you do, it gives you the capability to attract business outside of your network and reach, making your business a truly global brand.

For every $1 I have invested in to Facebook Ads I have generated at least $10 back and work with woman from the UK to South America to Australia.”

Rachel Lewis

Founder & Community Builder at She Owns It (formerly WE Network)

“I have two tips because I couldn't choose! It's a two pack combo that together packs a punch.

So first – this. Think hard about what the bigger impact of your business could be on the world. All businesses can be a vessel to make positive change. So what positive change could you contribute to in the world with your business, that you know your audience would love to be involved in too?

Once you know that change, share it. Tell everyone about it. Make it a part of your why – your reason for being in business and your reason for staying in business when things get tough.

People today want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to give back. You'll find people want to choose your business over your competitors because your business has more meaning, more impact.

Following that – actions speak louder than words. So show your audience not only do you talk the talk but you also walk the walk. Be generous with your time and your knowledge. Show your audience that you truly care about them and help them transition from where they are, to where they want to be.

So you need to know what that transition is.

Then think about ways you can help them get there – share your knowledge, help them build confidence, connect them with each other.

Everything else – giveaways, social media platforms, Facebook Ads etc – they are tactics that you can use to help spread the message – but without a strong message to start with it, your efforts just won't resonate. So start with that very strong message and build from there.” 

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Thank you ladies for all sharing part of your journey with us! It’s been amazing to hear what strategy has given you the most growth in your business and helped you achieve great things.

As a reader, what do you take away from this?

For me, it’s that even in business we’re all unique and certain things work that may be the thing to propel us forward…but the person beside us has done something completely different or has a different viewpoint, yet that's worked for them too.

A lesson not to follow the crowd, to ditch the comparisionitis and love this business journey that we're all on together. 

I'd love to hear from you in the comments – what marketing strategy has worked for you the best?

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