Episode 9: 5 Ways To Grow Your Audience In Between Launches

by Louise Blakely in Podcast
March 17, 2022 0 comments
5 ways to grow your audience between launches

Welcome to episode 9 of The Lou Blakely Show.

When it comes to growing a sustainable and scalable business with online courses (and other digital products), one of the most important things you need is an audience.

Without an audience, you're just not going to get enough peoples eyes on your offer, which is going to mean less sales. It's simple maths.

One of the obstacles to creating a sustainable online course business is not having an audience, and not spending the time to grow one.

So the best thing you can when you're NOT launching is focus on growing your audience. There's so many ways to do this.

While launches DO help grow your audience, it's also definitely worth the focus on this in between times, so that you can ensure that your next launch is successful.

Because you can't keep launching to the same people over and over again.

A growing audience means you've always got new people coming into your world, being attracted to your content and signing up for your courses.

Having an audience is a key to online course success.

In this episode, I share with you:

  • What platform you should focus on when growing your audience
  • 5 ways to grow your audience in between launches
  • Plus the best FB ad to use right now to help with growing your audience.

Resources mentioned:
Interact for quizzes – get a free 30 min Quiz Strategy session with Lou when you sign up with Interact.

Thanks for listening, and keep an eye out for future episodes if you're serious about creating a freedom-fuelled business with online courses and other digital products.

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