Grow your email list with an online quiz

by Louise Blakely in Business Tools
April 6, 2018 0 comments
Grow email list with quizzes

I’m sure we’ve all sat in our office at some point and filled in a fun online quiz to find out our personality type rather than focusing on what we should be doing…right?! Or how about those quizzes that tell us where we should be living in the world, or maybe even what our spirit animal is. The list is endless and we’ve all done one.

You can use this goodness in your own business. This brilliant marketing tool can not only entertain and engage your audience but can help you grow your email list fast. 

Growing your email list is one of the cornerstones of growing an online business. However many online entrepreneurs find it frustratingly slow, especially if you’re starting from zero.

The good news is that there are faster ways to grow your list that aren’t going to compromise on the quality of your leads, while still giving massive value to your audience.

And one of those ways is with your own online quiz! 

3 reasons why you should create a quiz

They’re easy and fun for your audience

People will want to do your quiz because they are easy and quick to do, so it's a more fun way to engage with them.

If you can create a sense of curiosity, your fans are bound to want to do your quiz to find out what their results will be. And your quiz can be literally about anything related to your business.

You will get to know your audience really well

If someone lands on your website and fills in your quiz, chances are they are in your target market. But quizzes allow you to drill down even further. It's a great market research tool!

By asking specific questions and segmenting what group people end up as a result, you can get an idea on how to serve them best.  Through good segmentation of your email list, you can then talk to them based on exactly where they're at, therefore you can serve your audience at a much higher level. 

You can scale the size of your email list fast

You can play the slow game or the fast game when it comes to growing your email list. If you need to get relevant leads for your business and grow your email list fast, a quiz is a great option.

Get it in front of the right people and away you go. If you want to grow your email list even faster, you can look at putting some ad budget behind it.

How can you create a quiz?

If you’re scratching your head and wondering how you would actually go about creating your own quiz, fear not! You don’t need a team of developers and designers to be able to create a good quiz and get it on your website. All you need is the Interact Quiz Builder which is what I use for my clients.

The best thing about Interact is that it’s so intuitive, you can create a quiz in a very short amount of time. Now it beats that lengthy ebook list building technique doesn’t it!

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What I love about creating quizzes with Interact:

It has great design features

Interact has a customisable design which means you can match the look and feel of your website. You can also use your own branding rather than Interact's so it's a white label solution. Wow your website visitors with this piece of software which looks like it’s taken an entire dev and design team to create.

The design features also include social sharing buttons to make it super easy for your audience to share their results with their own networks, helping to get your quiz in front of even more people quickly. You can also easily access a free stock image library from Pixabay while creating your quiz and of course, it’s mobile responsive so your quiz is going to look good on any device.

You can tailor the quiz to their answers

Want to give your quiz takers a different question because they answered the previous one with a particular answer?

You can with Interact, it's called branching logic. It’s easy to set up and it allows you to give the best quiz experience out there. While you’re at it, you’ll get yourself some good intel on your potential leads at the same time.

It connects with your email service provider

The Interact Quiz Builder integrates with all major email service providers, so once you’ve connected the two, the leads gathered from the quiz will seamlessly appear in your email list.

Now the brilliant thing here is that you can tag your new leads with information based on their quiz answers, therefore giving you the ability to be really smart about how you connect with them in the future. 

You will get lots of valuable data

Interact has analytics which let you see at a glance if and where in the quiz people are dropping off, as well as how your audience members are filling in the quiz and the answers they’re choosing. This is great if you want to understand your target market even more!

Not only that, but you can also set up your Facebook pixel and Google Analytics code within the quiz, which means that you can even retarget to quiz goers at a later date. 

You can create an online quiz on any website

You can embed an Interact quiz on all of the major website builders. So whether you’re on WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly and more, or using a landing page builder like LeadPages or ClickFunnels, you can use Interact.

I only recommend online tools that I use and love, and I highly recommend Interact if you’re wanting to grow your list fast. Get started with your own online quiz and watch that email list soar! 

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