Episode 40: How To Use A Quiz To Attract Leads Who Turn Into Paying Customers with Josh Haynam

by Louise Blakely in Podcast
April 11, 2023 0 comments

On the 40th episode of The Lou Blakely Show I chat to the CEO of Interact, Josh Haynam.

Interact is an online quiz platform that integrates the use of AI to quickly create quizzes that attract leads into your online business and convert them into paying customers.

Interact is the tool that I used to create my quiz, it's what I recommend to my clients, and there's a very high chance you've taken a quiz that was created with Interact.

You can try Interact here (free 14 day trial)

In this interview, I ask Josh all about how to use a quiz in your business so that it attracts the right leads and turns them into paying customers.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How a quiz can bridge the gap between your offer and what your audience actually wants
  • How Interact have integrated AI into their platform to reduce quiz creation time from weeks down to as quick as 14 minutes!
  • The biggest missed opportunity for course creators today and how a quiz can help
  • The growth strategy that Interact have used to grow their business despite constant changes to the online landscape and how course creators can do the same.

Resources and other episodes mentioned in this podcast:

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Try Interact on their 14 day free trial

The Grow by Interact podcast

Episode 37 of The Lou Blakely Show – Is It Possible To Launch An Online Course Without Social Media

Enjoy the episode!
Lou xx

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