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How to get more Facebook likes for free


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by Louise Blakely in Facebook
March 7, 2017 2 comments
Get more FB likes for free

Starting a new Facebook page from scratch can be scary, with no followers, and it’s quite easy to resort to like ads as a quick fix. While I can understand this, there’s also no return on investment when it comes to like ads and how many Facebook likes you have isn’t really as big a deal as you might be thinking!

While you may consider buying likes an audience building activity, the Facebook algorithm only shows your posts to approximately 4% of your followers organically. So unless your posts have a certain level of virality to them, getting more likes on your page is money down the drain if you expect those same followers to see your content later on. And you can pay big bucks for each like, especially if you’re in a competitive industry.

However, having a good number of Facebook likes does act as a form of social proof (people check out how many likes you have before they will like you, or work with you), so I’ve got a Facebook hack for you that will get you more Facebook likes for free. This works particularly well if you’re active on Facebook and also investing money into other forms of Facebook advertising.

Let’s get into it!

Invite those who like your post to like your page

This is a fun little hack that I’ve found works very well for smaller pages, so it’s a great tool to have if you’re just getting started.

1. Find a post that has had lots of engagements in the way of post likes and comments. Find the list of people who have liked the post and click on that.

increase facebook likes

2. Beside every person who has liked the post, you will see a box. If they haven’t yet liked the page or been invited, you can now go ahead and invite them to like the page. They will get a notification on Facebook and they can choose whether to go ahead and like the page or not.

But don’t only my followers see my posts?

No. The reason this works is because your posts can often spread to friends of those who have liked it, so your posts appear in front of people who don’t follow you. But even if they like the post, they often they don’t have time or think to make the effort to then click on the page and like it. This way you’re ‘reminding’ them to like your page after all.

I’ve found that this tactic works better on smaller pages, and it takes minimal effort so it’s well worth it. If you’re doing a lot of Facebook advertising already and getting lots of post engagement, then this is perfect.

It’s worth pointing out that you shouldn’t be too concerned about likes. They are a ‘vanity metric’. Focus on income generating activities first and foremost, and use smart tricks like this one to grow your page for free.

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    1. No worries Jasmine, are you using this feature now? If so, how has it gone for you?

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Learn how to get more website traffic from Google

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