Episode 7: How To Successfully Transition From Service Provider To Online Course Creator

by Louise Blakely in Podcast
March 2, 2022 0 comments
How to transition from service provider to online course creator

Welcome to episode 7 of The Lou Blakely Show.

If you're a successful service provider, it's very common to get to the point where you've decided that you'd quite like to create another revenue stream with an online course. Or maybe you're actually done with your client-based model altogether and you really want your time and freedom back by moving over to digital products.

The biggest limitation when making this transition is going to be your TIME! Because service providers are busy people, it's a time consuming business model.

The question is how to do this successfully!

This is where I see most people get stuck. It's simple to add on a digital product as an extra and carry on, but how do you actually work towards replacing your income with your digital product sales, so that you can actually wave goodbye to your client work?

There are a few different options here, and it also depends on where you're at. So in this episode I do a deep dive into:

  • The important questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on your pivot plan.
  • Are you going to burn the boats or are you going to transition over one step at a time?
  • Why having a backup revenue stream can be very useful to have while you transition, and what your options are for this.
  • How to work out what clients are worth keeping, and which ones may actually be costing you money.
  • How to re-align your client load to work for you so that you now have good revenue and spare time, giving you the time and energy you need to build your business by design.
  • The time management tactic that I've used to successfully get hours back in my week – perfect for finding the time to create that new product.

This episode is packed full of info and includes my tested and proven strategies to successfully move from a client-based service provider business model to that freedom- based online course based business.

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Thanks for listening, and keep an eye out for future episodes if you're serious about creating a freedom-fuelled business with online courses and other digital products.


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