Episode 36: Writing A Book To Build Authority As A Course Creator With Book Coach Christine Sheehy

by Louise Blakely in Podcast
March 14, 2023 0 comments

Episode 36 of The Lou Blakely Show

In today's interview Christine Sheehy, a non-fiction book coach, explains how writing a book can help build authority,  increase your reach, and open new doors as a course creator.

During the episode, we discuss:

– The advantages of writing a book for course creators
– Why it's important to make sure the book is closely aligned to what you do in your business
– The connection it helps build between you and your readers
– Steps to get started with the book writing process
– How to stay committed and see the book through to completion as quickly as possible.

About today's guest:

Christine Sheehy is an author and a certified non-fiction book coach for purpose-driven leaders and changemakers. She works with people who have a deep desire to drive change in the world, help us see things differently, or share a new way of being or doing. She’ll help you define your book concept, plan your content, find your authentic writing voice and write the manuscript, so you can grow your audience AND your business. Christine currently writes, dreams (and persistently tries and fails to give up coffee) from a seaside village in New Zealand.

You can connect with Christine here:

Enjoy the episode!
Lou xx

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